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Valverde – The Complete Stallion

Valverde is a bright bay Westphalian stallion that stands at 169cm. He was the clear and convincing champion of Westphalia in 2016, bringing an elated audience to their feet.

We are extremely proud to have bred Valverde (along with Rob van Puijenbroek), from a line where top movement is a core fundamental for success.

Valverde’s father Vitalis has proved himself time after time. Vitalis’ performances under saddle are impressive and he is renowned for giving his offspring excellent ride-ability. This impressive movement under saddle and ride-ability are traits inherited to Valverde in abundance.

The mother of Valverde, Amicella (v. Ampère) see photo, is a most noble state premium mare. As a three year old, Amicella put in a superb performance at the ridden test (81,5 points). In 2016 (she was 6 years old), Amicella was competing successfully at advanced level in England.

Valverde’s grandmother, First Fina (sport name Athena) see video, performs extremely well under saddle in Belgium.

Several high profile horses come from this excellent line:

  • St.Pr.St. Laurentin (v. Lord Sinclair) Reserve Champion Westphalian mare-keuring see photo
  • Artemis (v. Florestan) under Richard Davison at the Olympic Games in London see photo
  • Enrico (v. Ehrentusch) under Oksana Gusarova, International Grand Prix see photo

Valverde meets all the veterinary requirements of the Dutch, Danish and German studbook. He has a genomic breeding value for OC of 101 (35%) and thus meets the KWPN standard for the D-OC predicate. He also meets the KWPN standard for radiographic examination. Valverde is free from OC-OCD, has a good to very good semen quality and is EVA free.

We are lucky enough to have owned some of the world’s top stallions; Vitalis, Florencio and Ampère to name but a few. Despite these prolific names, we are convinced that we have never had a stallion comparable with Valverde, with consistently high level attributes across the board. He is the complete horse. Type, pedigree, character, ride-ability, three very good paces and healthy with good semen.

Valverde is co-owned by Andreas Helgstrand.

Stud fees:

  • €400 + €800 (70 days in foal)
  • Two mares €400 + €720 (70 days in foal)
  • Three mares €400 + €680 (70 days in foal)
  • Four mares or more €400 + € 640 (70 days in foal)
  • Excl. tax and shipping- and export costs

The price/packages may vary for ICSI and ET. Please enquire for further details.

There is fresh semen of Valverde available. For more information: Bas Reesink +31 (0)6-13804033


St.Pr.St. Amicella

St.Pr.St. Amicella

First Fina

First Fina

St.Pr.St. Laurentin

St.Pr.St. Laurentin

Artemis - Richard Davison

Artemis – Richard Davison

Enrico - Oksana Gusarova , UKR © Hippo Foto - Dirk Caremans

Enrico – Oksana Gusarova , UKR
© Hippo Foto – Dirk Caremans

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Tolivia D.Day
St.Pr.St. Amicella Ampère Rousseau
First Fina First Final
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